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Old 13th October 2010
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hey eric,

thanks for luck...although... your country is proving to be a very tough one to get into :(
Already had to cancel out Viper Room show because of VISA's delays :( ...very bummed out about that one!

The I'76 soundtrack is great! I had no idea you did that! I remember thinking that from when I was a kid.

I love those chandler drive units too.. i have also used them regularly with drums.. along with a sansamp psa1.
I just bought an Ampex 4 track so im really looking forward to getting it running and smashing some drums through that too!

I haven't tried HEAT yet? might give it a shot.. I've been using the Massey Tape-head.. which is pretty cool.. especially when you run a few units in a row!

I'm really loving the approach you were talking about of tracking in tools and mixing on tape. Makes the outboard work so much nicer. cheers! Although.. im doing it with an 8-track at the moment! ha!

Good luck at AES! Can't wait to see this stuff on the market!
...when are you aiming for?