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Hey EV,

Thanks for the reply. Well the I'76 sessions are certainly some of my fav sounding recordings. Would you have used a similar drum setup to that of 'by the sword' on Slash's album? And what kind of bass and snare drum mic was used on I'76?

Michael Tretow got some great drum sounds in the early 70's with ABBA. I know he was a big fan of having a 176N over the kit and bass, then mixing that in with the dry signals. I'76 reminds me a lot of that sound.

Great work.
There were quite a lot of different setups used on that. roughly half the songs were recorded out in a large-ish room with some gobos around the kit and the other half was recorded in a booth. I think if I had a chance to listen to the recordings again some of the detail about the setups would come back to me. I'll try to post some more stuff when I've had a chance to do that.