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Originally Posted by Tandem5 View Post
i cant believe it!
my band got invited to CMJ in NY in october.. so looks like i will coming to the states afterall

I JUST miss AES though :(
very interested to see this new undertone gear though eric. might see if i can hang around for another week or so.

is it going to be REALLy expensive Eric? haha
The rack mount Mic/Pre EQ, I think will be very affordable. I am trying to keep the pricing in a range that makes it accessible for everyone. The custom consoles certainly will be a bit pricey but I think will be more affordable than many of the comparable options out there.

AES should be a lot of fun. We will have a 24 channel version of the console setup with multitrack sessions of some of the songs I have recorded over the years (plus some familiar classics) for people to play with. We will have demonstrations setup to show what the Acoustically Transparent Work Surface does and there will be an opportunity to win one of the prototype rack mount EQs.

Good luck at CMJ!