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no, man... that is fluffy regular insulation, its not dense enough. Rigid fiberglass panels are stiff enough to support themselves, you just have to wrap them in some kind of fabric to keep small particles from getting in to the air.

In europe you should get insulation from Isover or rockwool(roxul). From the ad, I take it you live in the Netherlands, so go to and get the phone number to them. Call them and ask for 100mm thick fiberglass panels with a density of at least 35kg/m2, and ask where you can get some in your town. Usually places like home depot wont have it, you have to go somewhere where they sell stuff to people who build ventilation ducts, industrial.

If I understood dutch I could point you to a product on the isover page, all I can tell you is that isover in Sweden has a product called VVS-skiva 6335, if you can just find out what that one is called in the Netherlands, you´ll be good...

peace /Arka