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Originally Posted by Killahurts

In dance music, I have only found it useful for the kicks/basses, so far anyway. But I highly recommend it for vocals, it will make the most out of your mics.

Is there any way you can try one out where you are?

I can try it out here but then I have to play a game with the dealer.

They sell the Vipre here for (don't be frightened) around $ 3.850,-.
So I can try, like it, say no to the dealer and order in the US. Doesn't feel good to do that... .

Originally Posted by Killahurts
But as M. Wagener has pointed out, everything you put through the VIPRE becomes BIG.
That could be one of the reosons to use it. But then again, wahts BIG? Is it very noticable for samples and synths to track it thru the Vipre or is it more that recorded sounds like acoustic gitar, acoustic drums etc, sound big with it... .

I have read about Tritone but I don't believe those plugs will ad those (BIG) flavors you can achieve with a good piece of outboard gear.
I'm not a non-believer with plugins. I use them a lot but for the things they can do wel. I go for the best sound and on the moment it means ' hybrid' (analoge and digital) for me.

I also had thoughts about the Vintage 73i, Neve 1073 clones and alike.

gr. Tom