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Wink Thuresson CM402 micrpohone

There's a new pretty amazing mic from Sweden that's taking off in the USA.

The Thuresson CM402 is a mic like no other in several ways. It's hand made in Sweden; has a fully selectable polar pattern selector; 'floating' capsule diaphragm; and last but not least performs incredibly well in almost every situation imaginable. It excels on acoustic instruments and room applications.

It was presented in Nashville and there's currently a demo being passed around LA.

To see, hear, and get one in your hands and on your next session, contact Blackbird Audio Rentals in Nashville, we have 6. Email us to request a photo.

This is far from a paid ad. You'll see why we are making mention of it after you hear what it does. Looks pretty cool, too. We'll post a photo in the next few days.

Rock on!