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Geat post eathan. too many drugs me thinks, but great post.

The rigid fiberglass out side of america question.

Just ask for high density fibreglass insulation. Many places will try and sell you normal house inuslation, this is NOT the right stuff. Try to find an industrial insulation specialist. Thats were I find it.

The right stuff will have a density rating of between 40 - 120 kg/m3. You'll want about 60 or so. It will also have a corresponding tempertature rating of 450 - 850 degrees celcius. I think (from memory) you want about 650 degrees rating. This is because the material is most often used for insulating furnaces etc, and just happens to work well for acoustic treatment.

the density and "temperature" of the material will be writen on the packaging because these are the primary reasons for its existence.

The right stuff will be sold in sheets with a thicknesses or about 25mm 50 mm 75 mm and 100 mm( 1,2,3, + 4 inches) a sheet will hold its shape when you pick it up because it is "RIGID".

It could be any colour, but normally yellow or green.

It is not acoustic insulation when used by itself, but it is acoustic treatment. Acoustic insulation is another matter that barely relates to treatment.