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Old 20th August 2002
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So I own several racks of gear. Protools Rig, Gates Compressors, Avalons, RCA Comps, HUI, F-16, MP/Midi stuff, DJ equip, couple racks of obscure stuff, ok... enough bragging. Usually I don't need to take all this stuff with me to every session, so I have a runner I break down $50 or so to cart the gear around in his truck. If I cart all of my gear (a heavy load), I've used drum doctors in the past which is insured and gives me piece of mind. Shipping a distressor is one thing, shipping a tube compressor from the 1950's that's components (paper wound transformers) cannot easily be replaced is another.
But lately, the issue of doing gigs out of town has started to spring up more & more. Can anyone recommend a good national (us) and even international cartage company? Why do you choose them? Trust? Price? Convenience? And typically, who's cheaper? A buddy gave me a 2 hour lecture about how Rock-It Cargo effed his gear up. Jesus weeps everytime a piece of gear falls off a forklift.