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Going off the last thread I made, pretty much sealed the deal on how important TO THESE EARS a decent mic pre IS: source/ performance, room, mic placement notwithstanding.

I am not partial anything specific. If it adds color as in a Neve's thick mids and smooth highs or a punchy API or a transparent type or tube mic pre for tube imparted character, transformer or transformerless.... its all good.

I should say I don't buy into the what of music do you record blah blah blah...
I know from the last think any decent mic pre is going to deliver the LIVENESS factor and detail my ears are screaming for.

Here are some considerations I have been making these past few days for a recent and or future purchases:

Chandler TG-2, API 3124, Daking Mic Pre IV or Daking Audio Mic Pre/EQ <-but only one channel but if the EQ is a GOTTA have then I will consider it...
Great River MP-2NV, Aurora Audio GTQ2 Mark II, Portico Range stuff, and probably very soon if recommended highly : the very affordable GA PRE-73

What do you recommend?

As an aside: Are any appreciable differences between the Neve 1272 and 1073? I ask because I received a great sale offer for the 1272 recently.
My favorite two preamps- Electronaut M63 and DAV BG series.