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Originally Posted by Mitch Lowen
This I do not get. Where does the friend stand (haha 'the friend') and do I look over my shoulder.. I mean. I don't get this.
Dig it.

Set the gear up & get the montiors to where ever there gonna live. Get a mirror and place it against the wall about 1/2 or maybe 2/3's of the way back and look for the monitors in the mirror...if you can see them then you need to stick some "foam" or other acoustic treatment there. You don't need to go lower then 40" from the floor, having it in the 4-7 foot 'window' should take care of the job in theory.

While your at it I'd consider adding treatment to the back wall of either the absorbtive or diffusive variety. That'll help to take care of things hitting the rear wall and getting reflected right back to you at mix position. Try to leave at least a foot or a foot & a half between the back of your monitors and the wall. It'll make it easier to get back if you need to but really it's to the prevent low-end buildup that occurs with boundries. Putting some treatment on the ceiling right over the mix postion will help a lot too.

Move slowly and keep listening to the changes that are taking place with the rooms should slowly get drier and tighter. It's the first step into a larger world, but it ever an important one!