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I have a Portico compressor in my studio. All the other compressors I have are plug ins. This include the Waves V Series, SSL, Ren, UAD LA 2A, LA 3A, 1176, Fairchild, and my favorite Ammuntion compressor in Samplitude.

If you were going to buy another compressor which would you choose? Please don’t choose your favorite, but the compressor that has a character that my studio is missing. My thoughts are the following;
  • Pendulum OCL-2
  • The Nail
  • API 2500
  • Manley MU
  • GML 8900
  • DW Fearn VT-7
I have the 5043 also as my main 2bus compressor. My next hardware compressor is going to be faster like an SSL style.