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Old 21st September 2010
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I know this is an old thread,but I bought a CM-87 off Greg "thevoiceactor" in may 2010.The mic sounds great and it was one of the strangest deals I have ever made on gearslutz,and I have made a lot.
Why did he have your mic for a whole year after bashing you and then sold it if it was so bad.It may not have been right for his voice,or was it even the mic after all?

There are a lot of factors that go into even judging this.
What preamp are you using?
Is your room setup for critical listening?Bass traps,great monitors,etc.?
You can't trust headphones either.
Some people don't have ears for critical listening.
Heck,I know mine are a little off when I can listen to a mic shootout one night and clearly hear the differences in the mics,and a few weeks later with a little head cold I cant hear the difference,Granted I am not in my studio,but I have a couple of good bass traps in my office and room corrected monitors.