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Well first things first: thank you for providing a sound clip, often this isn't necessary, but some other times, it really helps. In your case, I'm not sure, it was working then it stopped, so to me it looks like a loose wire symptom(I hear you other techies just, patience). I recommend you take it apart carefully and look for any loose wire ends that go to the board and to the potentiometers or controls.

OK, the sad news is, it could actually be the BBD integrated circuits. If you don't already know, BBD ICs are becoming hard to come by, and I don't mean Radio Shack doesn't carry them anymore, I mean, they aren't being made anymore, anywhere. (except maybe Panasonic). I do not know nor have the time right now to check what's in yours, but here's a suggestion, pop that pedal open and click a pic or two for us and we'll see what we can do.