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pop bashing

I use to feel the same way about popular music until recently. Simple melody, repetitive structure, hot bitch singing, and there you have it. It's not so simple though. The more I listen and analyze pop music the more I become impressed. You have to look at complexity from another perspective. Its not about key changes, complex melodies and weird time signatures. Its about combing notes/chords to pull out emotion. It's truly an underrated art.

Take the song "Toxic" by Britney Spears. Really sit down and listen to the low volume harmonies, bass grove, guitar tones/effects, kick tone and a bunch of other things. There is much complexity in pop music, its just a different type of complexity.

Music cannot be defined as "good" or "bad". Sure certain notes go with certian chords blah blah blah. Think about it like this: Blue is defined as blue because most of the population agrees. So in respect, should "good" music be defined by how many people agree with agree that its good?

I personally hate going to clubs, if I have to go I usually sit alone and drink. I usually look at how people respond to different beats. I've noticed, the more prominent the Kick and Snare are, the more response is shown in the crowd. This ties back into simplicity. Also the more familiar a tune is the more response there is. Not because more people like that song but because people don't like hearing foreign music. Its easier to grove to something your know. I think this one of the reasons why the industry regurgitates so much of the same crap. It's safe, and especially in this market its record labels are not financially stable to make risky investments. With music there are always different perspectives of looking at it.

Sorry I know when off topic a bit I just had to go off on a rant.