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-Take one 14-25 year old actress
-Dress her up as slutty as possible
-Write a standard I-IV-V progression using mostly major chords
-Add roughly 50 tracks of VI's using various non-tweaked presets
-Find some apple loops that either have the 4-on-the-floor, or the disco beat
-Add some double time shaken percussion loops in the chorus
-If it's a "rock song" then add some distorted power chords in the chorus and full chords being picked out with a clean tone in the brige and possibly the intro using your favorite amp sim plugin
-Create a drop-out and kill the rythem section roughly 2 beats before the chorus hits
-Add roughly 50 tracks for vocals
-Autotune and Vocalign everything
-Add the 'radio effect' on the lead vocals during the bridge
-Find 4-5 guys in their mid 20s with lots of tattoos and 'messy hair' to pretend to play the instruments
-Record and mix everything in your own private studio
-Use the entire 'budget' for the song/record on promotion