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My First Instrumental Mix!!!

Whus Happening, GS!

Here's a first mix that I put together. It's a Jazzy Hip Hop mix with no vocals. The title is just a "made up" title meant to describe the song a little. It's still a work in progress so I need all the help I can get to make it sound great!!! Any advice is appreciated!

Oh..the recording specs: Composed in FL Studio 5 and bounced into Cubase SX for mixing and editing. 24 bit recording using various loops (I don't play instruments but I feel I have the heart of a musician), 44 kHz. No compression. Used a tube plugin and used the Free G Stereo Plugin to check RMS and Peak Levels on the master bus. On the individual busses, each track I used an eq plugin (blue tubes) on the pre-set "bright" to brighten up each track and used a stereo plugin to widen the sound. All track are stereo (all stereo loops). No dithering. Coverted from wav to MP3 128K for GS.


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