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Old 6th September 2010
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Thanks for you comment mixed.

My own test FRK or Not, shows real panels in a real room, tested with FRK and without. The small differences in the Waterfalls are all we have.
Enough for me to recommend leaving the Foil on though.

The OC published tests do not compare scenarios directly useful to us.
However, they do show an increase in LF performance with FRK.
They also show an increase with an airgap.

The test police are bound to come kicking in the door, but personally I am prepared to add those two increases and say that it is likely that FRK on the back side, with an airgap has better LF absorption in the frequency zone we require, than bare insulation.

Plus, my own test pretty much proves that.

I would point out that a very well known commercial product is exactly as I describe. A bonded Foil membrane facing the airgap.