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...provided the 'FRK' is not applied upside down or 'reverse side out' which would tend to invert the phase, or just simply confuse the waves completely. Oh the drama...

And then the months or years of trauma and tears and counseling and...

And we haven't even explored the potential impact of VOCs being released from plastic applications....

...Pardon me, I'm overwhelmed already.hehhehheh

Here's an idea - as these threads seem to spawn on a near perpetual manner like bunnies... someone might simply assemble a sticky list of guidelines for the broadband absorbers and for corner bass traps - a very simple cursory chart of minimal thicknesses and weights for the most common materials and configurations - say Fiberglass, rock wool and perhaps one other like the safe n sound cotton stuff, or grass clippings or whatever stuff is supposed to be safe...(that's what we need! Another does Fiberglass kill you quickly or slowly thread!!!)tuttheh

Ignore framing, as the effect of both edge absorption and edge diffraction contribute only between 1-3% additional loss - so that's essentially a wash and relatively insignificant issue relative to the absorptive planar surface area.

But let's not go too far lest we eliminate all of the sources of endless inane debate and speculation!