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Originally Posted by tapehiss View Post
I am about to dish out some dollars for a vocal comp...

I'm thinking either the LA2A or STA (reissues).....

It seems that more people recommend the LA2A for that...

It's a tough one, and reading this thread hasn't really brought me to any conclusions that I hadn't already made...

I just want a really great vocal comp, and I love color...

Maybe I'll just flip a coin on Monday and call it good????
LA2A for the first classic vocal comp purchase
STA for next classic comp purchase
Tube Tech and 1176/MC77 can be anywhere before, in the middle or after aforesaid purchases.
Than start to save coins for some really cool modern compressors.
After all done, Germanium comp waits for you.
I'll not mention special comps like UBK Fatso, Smart, Elysia etc.