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Old 21st August 2010
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My point is that you can get an iMac with a quad core i7, correct? As long as that is the top of the line iMac you won't see a laptop with the same processor. Even if they did put an i7 quad core in there, they would find some way to "cripple" the machine. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Mac user. I have been since my dad bought a SE-30 in 87 or 88. I've bought three Macs in the past 5 years. I'm not trolling. I have just been paying attention lately and I noticed that Apple is no longer the underdog that I used to root for. They are slowly becoming the bully.

You have to understand that to us it's "OMG, check out the new MBP with i7 running at 3.0gHz". To Apple it's business. You don't shove a quad core i7 in a laptop when it may cost you some desktop sales. The Mini is a desktop computer, as in, it sits on your desktop, but really it's a Macbook. They could put an i7 in it, the same as the MBP, but it won't run as fast. All the other components wouldn't be equal. People that use laptops rarely use them as their main Logic/PT?CS4 computer.