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You should be fine with a gap like that.

I'm not sure if I worded the question right. I don't want you to think I have the bass traps on "strips". They are actually attached to the wood frames. I have included a picture of the back so that you have a visual reference.

The picture is without any hardware because I am still building the total needed for the control room and a recording room I'm currently building.

I plan on using D-hooks and wire OR.. just the D-hooks hooked to screws/hooks that I may screw in the wall for those I will be attaching to the wall (I will use eyebolts and rope for the clouds above hanging from the ceiling).

To clear up my question: Once I attach the hardware and hang the trap(s), the wood frame of the trap will pretty much make the trap flush with the wall(s). Will the 1.5" gap provided by the wood itself be enough (between the wood and the back of the trap)?

I'm guess I'm wondering if I need to provide an additional gap to the entire trap that lifts the wood from the wall so the trap is not flush... so that air/sound can get behind it to the back of the fiberglass back of trap???? Or am I thinking the wrong idea here??
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