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I'm on crack? You stated that quad core chips aren't faster than their dual-core counterpart, which is simply not true. It's not "all about clock speed" as you suggest. The point is that if one waits for a quad core MacBook pro it will certainly provide significant performance gains compared to the current dual core i7 macbook pros, as evidenced by the fact that a quad core i7 based iMac smokes a similar clock speed dual core i7 MacBook pro.
lets try this one more time eh
title of thread is about macbook pros.

that means mobile processors
you cant compare mobile and desktop.

the 2.66GHz DUAL MOBILE outperforms the lower GHz quad MOBILE
that my friend is a fact!
even with multi-threaded Apps.
benchmarks dont lie, i have already linked to the benchmarks.
unless you magically think that somehow the same intel cpu in a MacBook will magically do better than it does in a PC laptop.

now you want to get into desktop?
a 3.33GHZ 6 core outperforms a 2.8GHz 12 core
again even with mutithreaded apps.
again fact!

so you were saying?
oh yeah imacs not sure why you mentioned those in a MOBILE processor thread.

are the new imacs (desktop processor)faster than a mobile (laptop processor)