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Old 19th June 2003
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It was a human error on my part


Well, it was that. It was off. Or on. Or something.

What was happening was, I was bouncing tracks down as stereo split (L&R) wav files

When I was dragging ONE side of the pair back in to Logic it was bringing THE OTHER ONE with it....but as I was dragging them onto mono tracks and UTM was on (or off?) I couldn't see the other side that it was dragging with it

So, Logic creates two files for those stereo splits, but they are inextricably linked.

So, when I imported one side to a track, it was brining the other hidden side with it

Then i'd do the same with the other side and that brought the OTHER side with it

And on the arrange page, the TOP waveform was always the LEFT waveform

I was actually looking at two stereo files showing their left side

So, it's not like Pro Tools. And Universal Track Mode needs to be on. Or off. Just like Pro Tools. Or not. Or something.