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The Sandy Bridge roadmap was leaked the other day, check : Le "Macbidouille" in English - Intel to Release 19 Different Sandy Bridge CPU Early 2011

True 4 cores still use 45w/55w so still more power (therefore heat) than Apple likes to use!
You never know but it looks like 2 core hyperthread to 4 is the way to go for Apple lappies for a good few months....
Yeah, it's not looking like we'll have quad cores till 2012. And I'll be willing to bet that Apple will stick with mostly dual-cores (can't see the 13" MBP making the jump), and make quad-core a BTO option, like the 12-core Mac Pros.

I'm still holding out as best as I can. Hopefully SSD's become reasonably priced next year ($300-400ish for a 256gb), which'll tide me over till 2012.