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I'll try to explain some problems we had to sort out while designing the whole facility.
The first (and probably the biggest) problem is that we had to place two very different rooms next to each other - the Dubbing Theatre and the Recording Studio. In the Dubbing Theatre, we intend to produce peaks of 130 dB SPL, while in the Recording Studio we intend to keep the noise below NC10-15. Of course, there's a quick solution for this problem: just build these two rooms far away from each other, but that's something we can't afford, so we had to look for a different solution.
I have to say here that I'm a lucky person (at least when it comes to acoustic design issues), because I'm a good friend with Philip Newell and he was kind enough to accept the role of the designer in this project. Unfortunately, he's stuck with other studio construction (which he is supervising) in Spain, and can't get here to help me directly. Anyway, we keep exchanging drawings and photos. and we discuss all the problems and doubts in long phone conversations.
Phil has built hundreds of rooms in his career. That is extremely helpful, as there are practically no problems he hasn't already been through - and he remembers all of them and has them documented in his archive.
In order to reduce the transmission between these two rooms, we decided to fully float them, and even to separately float some isolation walls around them. As a consequence, the Recording Studio will be built as a bunker, with a triple shell around it. The first two walls will be made out of concrete blocks, filled with sand, and one of them will be floated on Sylomer (it's a rubber strip with excellent anti-vibration behavior), while the third wall, the inner one, will be a classical double plasterboard wall.
Both studios will be built on a separate steel-reinforced concrete slab, floated on 10cm of mid-density Rockwool.
Rockwool will also be used between walls, to prevent any direct contact through eventual cement dripping while laying down the concrete blocks.

Here are some pictures of today's activity:
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