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Great idea!

Great idea! I think this will be useful.

But, I'm a little confused about the terms color, slow, fast, punchy....

Doesn't it all boil down to frequency response and distortion? Seems that an objective approach (as previously proposed) could be used to make the charts. I've never really understood what people are hearing when they say, for example, that a pre-amp sounds warm, other than to imagine that it might have a slight bump in the low mids or a bit of saturation from tubes. Can't these terms be objectified?

Also, what does punch/slow/fast sound like. I think of punch as something to do with dynamics - something a compressor might be used to obtain. I'm not even sure what fast or slow sounds like - is it frequency response?

I also realize that the various objective measurements don't easily translate to our subjective experience. Seems that almost all frequency specs are essentially flat from 20 Hz to 20kHz with only a slight 0.5 dB variation, so why do two equally speced pre-amp sound different. Is 0.5 dB a large enough variation to color the pre-amp? I've never fully understood any of this, but I really want to know.