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Originally Posted by doorknocker
As a musician? Are you kidding?

No, I'm kidding but there's something that comes into play here that we might not want to admit: coolness.

So you quit smoking and you also quit alcohol for the danger of it being an evil path back to your cigarette habit. There's a real danger now that you'll run into a WTF moment and just light up again. Being over-serious isn't bound to last.

And why shouldn't you a drink or two once in a while? Quitting smoking isn't about turning into Mother Theresa, it's just leaving to circle of a unnecessary, boring, mechanical thing i.e lighting up to satisfy your craving that is just there because you entered the circle.

Another thing that helped me: The cravings might be very subtle, even if you manage to quit without 'pain', as I luckily was able to do. It's similar to being 'a bit' hungry and you might actually think it IS hunger for food. Just let it go, it will pass very quickly. Any 'cold turkey' moments will pass very quickly, should there be any.
The cravings can work in a VERY subtle way, just don't give 'them' the pleasure by giving in, it's not worth it.

Just don't light up again. You did enough smoking, you KNOW how it's like so why keep repeating it again and again?

And think of all the gear you'll be able to afford with the money you'll save.....

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When I said to avoid drinking I meant for the first two weeks. If you can't go two weeks without a drink than you have more serious problems than just smoking.

As for the rest of your post, I 100% agree