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Originally Posted by T_R_S
A freind of mine plays in Kelly Clarkson's band and they are told by the record company no tracks no lips syncing allowed. So it's has had a impact on the business IMO on a positive note. I want to see a band live when they go on stage. If I want to hear the record I throw on the CD at home.
I remevber going to see bands like "The Police" live and they would start jamming it was amazing to watch and the crowd got into it. Now its all staged with cues and coreograpywith way over produced shows.
Simply musicans playing well on stage just does seem to go over anymore.

If that's true (which I hope it is) she's the only one. I've been forced to see a good chunk of pop acts in the last couple of years, and they all use some sort of backing tracks, be it extra guitars or full vocals! Hell, I've had to prepare alot of those tracks for live use!!!

I'm so going to music hell....