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Old 23rd January 2006
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Originally Posted by doorknocker
As a musician? Are you kidding?
And why shouldn't you a drink or two once in a while? Quitting smoking isn't about turning into Mother Theresa, it's just leaving to circle of a unnecessary, boring, mechanical thing i.e lighting up to satisfy your craving that is just there because you entered the circle.
Kopf hoch, Junge
Ah, it is ok- but I was going a lil crazy before.
I went for a walk, had some chocolate and went back to the studio.
Not going to smoke today, or tomorrow.
I do drink wine in the evenings, with dinner (this is Europe after all...) but it is more drinking beer with clients after work that I get the urge to light up.

I've left that for now- I can socialise later in the year.

Quit drinking?
Next you'll be telling me to give up opium.