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Old 1st August 2010
what if we could make a fukking huuuge table of colors

I dont want HD videos.

I want simple charts with known gear as reference, 10 parameters to identify the quality of the gear and 2axis (we will have different charts..).

That's it.

Let's define pairs of parameters (preamps)




...(your input here)

Now we need a xls sheet with a lot of products (all..).

If the products are set, we need to define the steps/judgement (if we have a row-parameter coloring, 1 would be super-clean, 5 super coloring.). Then we will make a voting here, and combine the results.

The benchmark references will be gear which is a lot used and extreme (gml/buzz comes to mind for clean, bae/chandler for coloring, api for coloring/punch.... And so on).

If we can agree on this, I can start the sheet, but we need people find a way to find all the products available.