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Lives for gear

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there is a ton of new "good" gear each month coming out.

I just want an overview map, that's it. I wonder why there is nothing (well actually there is some) presentation/overview?

let's do it!

we need to define the parameters, the table we want to make and define a "reference" for super megal coloring/very punchy/mellow/or clean sounding.. (tbc) stuff.

I think this thing will be a success
Hmm... In case such a map would be made I would actually enjoy HD demonstration clips of the gear more than colors on a map, because then I can use my own emotions to decide about whether I need that gear or not, but both would be of value, you could for instance use color as filter criteria and videos as determinator. If those demos are made they also must be running through the same very transparent tracking setup played by the same musician, so that the evaluated frequencies derive from the demonstrated gear. However, the concept as a whole would really solve some practical issues.

I think there is a great business opportunity within this field, you could actually create a business and all it does is to perfectly demonstrate the power of gear. You could add a purchase button on every demonstration, very simple: Someone likes the emotions of a piece of gear and purchases that gear by clicking the purchase button. No additional things needed, just one mouse click, money flows from customer's pocket to manufacturer's pocket and from manufacturer's pocket to the pocket of the business, a very simple and powerful cashflow. As a business system it would also work great because you could actually scale it to everything that can be purchased for money and take it globally. No reviews, no ratings, no such things at all, just pure demonstration of value. And besides that, you have an already established customer base from day 1: "Gear slutz". And if you play this game well you might turn some of that demonstration gear into assets, because some manufacturer's might give away that gear or sell it to a fraction of what it's worth, since it is no longer in new condition, besides that you get tax advantages since you could purchase those assets before tax. Besides this you have an advertisement opportunity which is quite lucrative because people will spend a lot of time visiting this service whether or not they actually buy anything. And since both your customer base and product base will gradually grow from day one you can scale according to business needs, you don't need enormous bandwidths from day one. And since gear typically does not require a lot of space (well, this kind of depends on things) you could actually start this business right from your apartment. Possibly you could use YouTube, Google, eBay or Facebook as the interface/infrastructure, all you need to do then is to purchase the tracking equipment and start establishing business contacts to manufacturers, to promote their products through your service. The cashflow is so simple that you could even do the bookkeeping yourself. Best of all, you could go this route: business owner -> small scale business -> large scale business -> business seller. This would be a cash cow. And to fuel this business, all you need to do is to create a poll thread on Gearslutz. heh

Oops, I think I just defined a multi-million dollar business within a post on a GS thread, left totally exploitable for free, cool.