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Old 23rd January 2006
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I've been able to quit for as long as a year and a half before. The problem is that after that long a time it wasn't cravings that caused the relapse it was just remembering the bad habit when I was around old friends. These relapses lasted anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. I had another relapse in the beginning of december but have successfully stopped since new years.

If you're just trying to quit now this is the advice I can give you. I have found that the initial craving/withdrawal/compulsion will kick in and subside within 2 weeks. So whenever you have the urge to smoke just tell yourself that you don't want a cigarette and that you have to only last for two weeks. If you can make it through 2 weeks you will be home free. You will still need some will power after that but nothing like when you first start out.

Additionally, try and substitute your smoking habit with working out. If you can, avoid drinking. Also, try to immerse yourself with work and keep your mind occupied. You should tell your family and friends that you are trying to quit smoking and that you are going to keep yourself busy for the next two weeks to distract yourself.

These are all things that have worked for me pretty much every time. I hope it works out for you.