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Old 23rd January 2006
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I ask a version of this question 3 months ago and got 1 response.
(Either you don’t need to do anything special, or no one really knows
what to do.) I haven’t sorted this out yet.

The thread was :Protecting expensive microphones

I am just trying to be helpful and I’ll be watching for new info
,if posted, that will help me as well.

Originally Posted by DaveH
Protecting expensive mikes:
I’m getting back into this after 20 years and I am quickly
getting a large collection of mikes.

Need some advice getting up to speed as I want to protect this rather
large investment. (addes up quickly @ 2,000 - 5,000 each).

Are you using temperature control only?
Are you using temperature and humidity control?
Off the shelf or custom built cases?

Anything new in the last 20 years?
Any good links or threads to read?

I want to address this now, rather than worry.
The microphone you help save, will be mine!


Originally Posted by gainreduction
There's some good info about proper micstorage and general mic caretaking at "Klaus Heyne's Mic lab" at

According to him, all you need is a plastic bag... stike