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I did do a local studio here at one time that had 2" panels with the FRK (facing the wall) spaced off 2". After we removed the facing the response was better.
When you say the "response" was better, exactly what do you mean... More abosrbent? My frames make my panels about 1.5" from the wall and the eye hooks may add another inch.

Originally Posted by Glenn Kuras View Post
If you want to make damn sure then I would buy it without the FRK, which will save you money anyway and has been proven to work in a lab. heh
I tried buying without FRK but my local SPI doesn't carry unfaced OC 703 or 705. Only ASJ or FRK. Bummer because I hate removing it for many reasons:

1. Messy
2. Loosens the fibers on that side and they are not smooth and rigid as the unfaced side.
3. Time consuming.
4. As you said, they cost more. Makes no sense if I have to remove.
5. Tears at least 1/8" to 1/4" of the rigid fiberglass away.

But hey, @ 1.03 per square foot, I won't complain.