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Originally Posted by doorknocker
Not true.

Quitting smoking is all about realizing that it's STARTING smoking that causes the withdrawal syndroms and eventually leads you to constantly 'fight' against the syndroms by lighting up again.
The famous 'anti-smoking guru' Allen Carr made a great analogy when he compared it to wearing shoes that are 2 sizes too small only to 'enjoy' the sensation at night of taking them off again. That's exactly the way it happened to me and I'm now in my 6th year off cigarettes- without ANY whithdrawal syndroms or relapses at all.

It took a lot of failed attempts over the years and I can honestly say and confirm that it's all in the mind. All these 'methadone'-like theories with nicotine gum, pills or whatever are plain BS. It's the industry trying to make a buck with your health problems.

The first mistake that most people make (and I made it plenty of times in my early half-serious attempts to quit smoking) is saying 'It's gonna be hard'. You'll immedeately put yourself under stress that way and everything you do will be measured against your 'will to quit'. It can't work that way and if it does works then it's only by force (Carr calls it 'willpower') and there's a high chance that you'll compensate by over-eating or over-drinking. A musician won't have trouble with THAT, as we all now.
Anyway, I do enjoy a drink or two once in a while and it has nothing to do with smoking or not smoking.

Ah, I'm sounding like a preacher and it's Sunday, WTF....

P.S: James, I WILL call you soon. Soryy about not doing it sooner, there was a lot going on here with new projects and stuff.
I didn't say you should quit drinking forever. Just a few months. Even now (after a 1 1/2 years) the only time I want a cig is if I drink....but it gets easier over time. I can now get sloshed and not smoke. But not the case when I first quit. Drinking during the first 3-6 months of quitting will make it harder....those were the hardest times not so smoke for me but whatever works for you.