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Old 27th July 2010
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The RNC is pretty much a one trick pony. It's really good at transparent dynamics control. If what you're looking for is a transparent, stereo comp then it's a winner because it's so damned clean sounding and it's *cheap*.

The PBC is more expensive and it's a single channel unit (though if you get two you can chain then to work in stereo). However... what you get for the extra money is a box that can not only do clean gain reduction but can also do many different kinds of colorful (to crunchy) tone and envelope shaping. It can make tracks "thicker", it can make them crack, grind and roar.

So the real question is.... what are you looking for? If you want a flexible compressor/FX unit then the PBC wins hands down. If you want inexpensive, clean dynamic control of stereo signals then it's the RNC that you want.

By the way I really only ever use the RNC for tracking (an only then if all my other HW comps are in use). If I want clean compression during mix down I use plugins. Going out to the RNC during mixing doesn't give me anything that a plug won't do. The PBC I use for tracking and during mixing.