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Too much

Your talking about the round robin which is not what we are talking about in the same lab.
Glenn, yes and surely the same can be said of the same test in the same room?
If an A/B in any room is repeated with a similar comparative result in another, it seems to me proven. I think we are agreed here.

Frank, I would riposte that there is too much assumption made. Labs are hopefully neutral. Everything is randomised as best we can.
Small rooms are the opposite in every sense. Specific dominant modes. Specific single speaker locations. And most importantly specific location of treatment to address specific issues. Traps at hot spots, not a random distribution.

To Topic, my two Waterfalls, would ye accept that one of these situations is 'better'? Would ye also accept that it is most likely that the same will hold true of the same comparison in any other small room?

I am trying to compare FRK and no FRK from published Lab results here.
Unfortunately there is no airgap in one test, and a huge gap but no FRK in another. Finally the one test which might matter, FRK, no FRK, up down, same gap, I can't show you. I may be able to extrapolate and hint though.
That,with the fact that Frank said 'Dan is always right' should do it heh
Leave it with me. I may be able to save the cost of a Lab test....

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