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Hi Glenn, I hear you. However the studies I have briefly looked at indicate test uncertainties of up to 26% at LF in particular.
This is not just Lab testing it is all sound testing. I don't have the quote to hand but it goes something like this.
'We can measure the light out put of a single candle three miles away with accuracy of several decimal points. However with sound we can only achieve at best a 3% accuracy and this is in a controlled room"
Not an exact quote, nor numbers, but I am sure you get my drift.
Incidentally, the practical side of my Diploma was all done in the Anechoic and Reverb Rooms at Liverpool university.
That 26% has really no meaning as you have to understand what part it is talking about. The good news is labs can tell you this where testing in a normal room you would never know what the uncertainties are. The point is uncertainty is not a negative but a positive. If you look at our 244 and Monster test numbers you will see they follow each other pretty close as one is 4" and the other is 6" and both where tested on different days. If labs where that unreliable it would have shown here. As a test when we tested the Tri Trap we pushed the button twice (testing) just to see what would happen. Guess what? They looked the same. mmmmmmm Are we just lucky this has happened ever time for us??? I don't think so. I do agree though that a larger test room would be great some day.