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Old 21st July 2010
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Hi Glenn, the more tests the better. Due to the variability of Lab tests and their arguable unsuitability for our purposes, I tend to favour this A/B-same -room- same conditions type of test. Logically it seems to stand up.
Ethan has made this point more eloquently here. RealTraps - Alternative Test Methods
FRK has been shown to enhance LF absorption at the expense of some linearity.
FRK out as opposed to FRK in is a tiny distance in terms of LF and there is little directional about LF. This suggests to me that the 'benefit' of FRK should be there out or in.

If this is true, I can't see how Lab tests would not pick it up so I would love to see them done.
Or just ask Frank, he has stated that 'Dan is always right' heh