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DanDan seems to state the opposite: on clouds and reflection points, he likes foil on the backside. I think this increases the confusion beyond the wording above. But democratically, Bryan and Ethan agree on the FRK on the front (both commercial acoustical fabricators); Dan wants the FRK on the back (don't know his qualifications)
As published I tested my RFZ Cloud zone with FRK vs None on the rear of the panels. There were 8 Minitraps involved. The LF Frequency Response and Waterfalls were substantially better with FRK. I had to replace it all!

4 inch 705 FRK panel with a 4 inch airgap.
When the FRK is to the front it is double the distance from the boundary, likely to extend it's LF effect an octave plus HF Decay will be substantially increased. This brightens the room AND improves LF

FRK to rear, there is a still a useful, as tested, LF effect, but without the brightening.

This was not a LAB but better. An A/B test, same room before and after.
I don't think this forum allows me to publish the graph again. A search should easily find it.

And yes I like Foil on the backside, who doesn't? heh