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Question should the foil be completely removed on panels absorbing mids and highs...

Thanks 4TheMax...

Well, after reading another 4hrs. or so (retina's nearly burned, lol), I think I've got it. The foil should face the room if used on a bass trap... as long as the bass trap is not a direct reflecting point of one of the monitors.

You're right. It reflects mids and highs so if I don't want my room too dead, then I should alternate the 2" thick panels... or maybe just put a couple in with the foil facing the room.

I guess the only question I have left is... Should I leave the foil on all of my panels but simply face the foil towards the wall when using the panel to absorb the mids and highs or completely remove the foil for this purpose (as to not reflect the highs back into the room one they hit the foil facing the wall. I'm not sure because all of my panels will have that 1.5" gap from the wall due to the frame.

I'm building my frames so that the sides are exposed (to get greater coverage and absorption). The OC703 will lay against the small frame and will be covered with Muslin and colored cotton of nearly the same thread count.