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FRK reflects highs

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2. I'd like to know if the paper or foil faces the room myself.

3. It's also possible to buy FRK and attach it to OC703 that doesn't have it using some kind of spray adhesive. Here's the email from customerservice:


Yes it is possible to put the FSK paper on the board after the fact, we laminate the boards in our shop, but I can cut the paper to 24" x 48" and mail it to you. You would have to spray glue it on. Each piece would be $1.50 and I can roll them up and ship them out to you. You might have to flatten them before applying to get the curl out of them. Let me know how many pieces you need.

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How I built my bass traps...

Well on a 4x2 4" panel it would give you 50% more exposed area if the sides are open.. 6"? well, check my numbers but that would be 75% more exposed would it not?

Nice DYI dude! ... You may want to think about putting some FRK on the fronts. This will help with a little more low end and also keep the room from going "DEAD" on the high end.

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RK/FSK is a scrim facing that comes on some insulation products. It's paper on one side, foil on the other, and has a reinforcing mesh in the middle.

The purpose is two-fold:

- act somewhat like a damped membrane increasing absorbtion at a specific band based on the density of the material behind it.

- reflect upper mids and highs so you can absorb the bottom without overdoing the top and making it too dead.

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If you want them to do mids and highs too, then don't use any FRK/FSK. The point of it is to be able to do more bass control without overdoing the highs.

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