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OC 703 FRK... to foil or not to foil????

OC 703 FRK... to foil or not to foil????
I have read for months now and have read Ethan Winer's FAQ. I am sooooo confused on whether to build my bass traps with the foil, without the foil completely, with the foil facing the room, with the foil facing the wall, facing the room on a bass trap... etc. etc. I'm so confused. Please someone help with some solid direction because I have read so many different ideas.

I'm building corner bass traps with two pcs. of 703 frk (2" thick x 2 = 4" thick and 2' x 4'). Two in each corner stacked as to fill the entire corner from floor to ceiling. Is it best for me to peel one off and place the one with the foil towards the room?

I'm also building some 2' x 4' (only 2" thick) pieces for hanging on the wall. All will have about a 2" gap because of the frame and wrapping material.

I'm tempted to pull all the foil off but I don't want to if I can use it to help in the room. I've read so much I'm just confused.