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Old 16th July 2010
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Just wanted to update this old thread with some pics to show what I did.

The ceiling cloud above the mix position is 4" 703 w/ foam tacked on, slanted from an 8" space between the foam and ceiling in the front to a 4" space at the back. The trap in the top front is the same. The two top front bookshelves are filled with Ultratouch insulation and then sealed off with 2" 703. The shelves under that have a 'door' made of 4" 703. My wife complained about losing too much shelf space, so I framed the back of the trap and made it into a door that can swing open. The sides are also 4" 703 held 3" off the wall with a wood frame, and I also placed two more traps above them. There are some LENRDs on the floor in the front corner areas. I know they don't do much, but I got 'em free and they add to 'the look' for those who don't know. Haha...

The trap in the corner is 5" 703 from floor to ceiling. I couldn't seal up that back (again, to save shelf space) so I made a 7 foot free-standing trap and placed it right in front of the shelf. The difference with it there and not there is NOT subtle.

I used the 38% guideline to place myself in the room. Had to experiment a little with the sub placement to get it right, but I think I've got it now.

Gratuitous gearslutz pic....

The room overall sounds great! I mean, it's no high end room, but I wouldn't be able to blame my surroundings for a crappy mix. I've actually finished a couple projects in the room already and they've turned out very well.

Thanks for all the advice!