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It is interesting that this is all posted Eric because my old buddy Brian McCurry and I were recently discussing the figure-8 in the middle mic' ing you sometimes use.

Maybe I am too old school, but I would worry about getting those drums to punch out in dense mix.
The punch and definition of the kick and especially the floor tom bother me.
There just isn't enough point on the kick and the floor for me.
Once the other instruments are added and the tracking is built up I would worry about being able to add "point" to that kick w/o ruining other things.
It might just be the tuning of those drums that bugs me a bit.
That floor tom reminds me of too many poorly maintained kits with bad heads that I dealt with years ago.

I do like the way that they sound like a kit in a room.
The whole listening field IS filled with the sound of the drums as opposed to drums popping out of spaces in the mix (close mics and gates.)

The over-all sound is a bit claustrophobic and reminds me of my days in the '70s and early '80s when we thought that using a drum booth was a good idea.
Hmmmmm.... maybe I was much too hip to realize it back then?
I wonder how this would sound out in a moderate sized room that was more live...
Maybe I am just hearing that small-ish room?

Still, preferences in sounds mutate over the year and what sounds good at one time in history is considered awful later.
After a while "awful" becomes hip.

I have worked for many years to come up with a way to get the "point" and definition of close mic' ed drums and still have the sound of a kit in a room.
I have tried spaced LDCs in front of the kit, coincident pair LDCs and SDCs, LDCs positioned extremely high over the kit, mics over the drummer's shoulder, all over different rooms, on and on...

I will admit that the cymbals sound decent mic' ed from the underside.
It is more useful than the sound that radiates on the plane of the cymbal.
The sound of cymbals from the top (and bottom) are the sound we are used to hearing on recordings.

So, you commit to that compression at tracking?
Good thing you're here to school Eric. I bet he's learning alot!