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I like the mics and use them regularly here. The ones I use are the transformer amplifier and the rising treble omni. I use them in the Jecklin disk or at distance. The sound is outstanding.
Is the transformer amplifier MBP 648 (+ KA 100 DK omni)?

To clear confusion, there is a man in the MBHO organization who used to work with Schoeps. It is not Mr. Haun who used to work with Schoeps. Schoeps makes their own capsules and Haun makes their own (different design) capsules.
At the official site:

“The personal background of Herbert Haun is more than impressive. His education was done at Bayer years ago, since then he was always involved in the production of microphones.
MBHO's chief engineer, Manfred Schneider, was involved for a long time with the famous Dr. Schoeps.
This background should give you confidence regarding the products and their quality.”

(...) The USA distributor is Marcus DeMuth in Brooklyn. He can get you anything you need--even internationally. Get in touch with him for a catalog of MBHO mics.
Indeed - I got all my matched pairs of bodies and capsules thru him, custom ordered directly from Germany (it took a while but it was worth it!).

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On the other hand MBHO seems not so be advanced in miniaturizing their circuits and it looks like they are not interested in building up DSP knowledge. So you can't expect a MBHO mic which beats the Schoeps CCM series or the superCMIT, PolarFlex, etc.(...)
I'm not going to discuss DSP, but you can see MBHO 'miniaturizing circuits' on their evolution from the 603 (130mm) to the 'much-smaller-almost-MKH8xxx-size' 604 (80mm).

But... it's really strange that MBP 604 body is not listed on, but had a field test on mix, appears on a korean and japanese seler... and on this almost-hidden section of

The sound of the mics is *really* excellent.

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