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MBHO (Haun) is a great company and Mr. Haun a great person. The company is known for its capsule design and for custom capsule work. Soundfield, Brauner,
and others contract Haun to make their capsules.

I like the mics and use them regularly here. The ones I use are the transformer amplifier and the rising treble omni. I use them in the Jecklin disk or at distance. The sound is outstanding.

To clear confusion, there is a man in the MBHO organization who used to work with Schoeps. It is not Mr. Haun who used to work with Schoeps. Schoeps makes their own capsules and Haun makes their own (different design) capsules.

I like the fact that they offer both transformer and transformerless mic bodies and they have beautiful large capsule options that also go on these mic bodies.

The USA distributor is Marcus DeMuth in Brooklyn. He can get you anything you need--even internationally. Get in touch with him for a catalog of MBHO mics.

The sound of the mics is excellent.