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currently i have all my beats split up from drums to melody. and i recorded my vocals on the same file. my questions is should i bounce the beat down to one file the put the vocals on top? or can i mix the beat split up with the vocals? what is your suggestions?
on asking should you mix the track down then add the vox or mix the track down with the vox inside gives a simnple answer.

Only mix the vox outside of the track if you do not have the stems or project file itself.

When mixing the vox inside the track (with each instrument(midi and audio) on seperate tracks, it gives you opportunity to adjust each track to compliment each other. When you mix the vox to a rendered track you only are able to adjust the whole sonic frequency range of the full track. you can not indivdually adjust each element.

want an example?

a piano and a vocal which conflicts
you can eq adjust each track so they dont clash
you can add different reverb times to the tracks or pan to give each track space
you can even use a sidechained compressor to duck whichever track when the other is playing

If you tried the above techniques when it is a vox a track then you would end up changing the whole dynamics of the track. If you cut the track at 1-3khz to dim the piano a bit then you could also take the bite out of the snare, some of the click of the kick and any other instument that is playing at that freq range.

Hope this helps and dont wanna sound condesending.