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I wouldn't like to compare MBHO and Schoeps, although the capsules look like brothers and sisters. The reason is: both have just the classical design of a condenser microphone capsule, that's all.
When Mr. Haun (or was it an other developer?) worked for Schoeps, this might be nearly 40yrs ago.

All what I know is: MBHO builds capsules for Brauner Microphones and probably also Audix. Consequently there is no discussion about MBHO's highest quality standard. On the other hand MBHO seems not so be advanced in miniaturizing their circuits and it looks like they are not interested in building up DSP knowledge. So you can't expect a MBHO mic which beats the Schoeps CCM series or the superCMIT, PolarFlex, etc.

If you need a 'classical' small diaphragm condenser mic - the choice between Schoeps and MBHO is first a question of your budget, which requirements do you have reg. flexibility and accessories and last but not least: a it is (like always) matter of taste of course.