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Old 3rd July 2010
Lives for gear

I was a fan of the MBHO... before I really compared them to the big names.
I had the cardio, sub cardio and omni diffuse field capsules with the transformer ourput body.
I discovered with them the Jecklin disk arrangement.
I made some great recordings with them... but had some problems.
The built quality is not the same as Schoeps. The capsule fixing is not marvellous.
Then I had several matching problems which appeared with time. The very good point is that they have a lifetime garantee. So I had 4 capsules exchanged for nothing after several years of use.
Other problem : the quality of the capsules was not very stable. Some were noiser than others (pariculary the sub card).
I made a direct comparison of the cardio with MK4. The sound was very similar in the direct field... but very different in the diffuse field.
So yes they are great, but the competition is hard today and the prices increased in Europe also.
Today, I think that in this middle price range there are better competitors.

John if you have more specific questions, I will try to give you more specific answers